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At last it’s finaly time for my voyage towards Vikingevent 2019


I quickly realized that this was gonna be a long trip of 900+ miles ONE WAY!

So I decided that I wasn’t gonna do any caching in my home county, but drive straight to Dombås, before I started my caching, and from there I couldn’t use a lot of time on detours to collect large caches, favorited caches, municipals etc. I could only pick caches close to the highway, in intervals where it would be nice to stretch my legs, so I built this trip on


I have a roof mount for my car where I can fith both an Gopro and a 360° camera, and I thought that a timelapse of the trip would be cool.

Finaly I’m gonna be better at foto/video documenting my trips



Well the Gopro batteries didn’t last long (even new ones), and the 360° camera? – Well that’s a completely different story, even though it’s mounted with front forward all the time, the video feed ended up rotating, and I can’t figure out how to fix it, So as you can see that wasn’t a success

Results day 1

  • Traditional Cache 15 Earthcache 2 Virtual Cache 1

A total of 22 caches were planned; a total of 18 were found (difference: -4)

A total of 3 caches are extra caches, and 7 of the planned caches were not found

A total of 2 DNFs, 2 of them on planned caches and 0 on unplanned caches.

Total time from first to last log is 0 day(s) 10 hour(s), 5 minute(s), 00 second(s).

Average time between finds is 31 minutes, 21 seconds (average time between logs is 31 minutes, 50 seconds)

Total distance cache to cache (including DNFs) is 145,2 mi.

Total distance driven 303,23 mi.

Average distance between caches is 7,3 mi.